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What is Oral and

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Here's the scoop on oral and maxillofacial surgeons.
by Dr. Robert J. White

One of the most exciting emerging surgical specialties developed in recent decades is that of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Most people are often confused as to what an "oral surgeon" is and what he or she does.

Are they dentists or medical doctors?

Actually, they are young men and women who have completed a long and rigorous curriculum at an established dental or medical school and, in some cases, both. Following completion of their dental/medical studies they have decided that they would like to continue their education and become proficient in the surgery of not only the oral cavity, but all tissues, soft and bony, that comprise all the facial structures.

This extensive training is required to treat infections, tumors, fractures, birth defects and many other conditions that affect the face and its underlying supportive architecture.

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